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Inform Lykos S.A.
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Inform Lykos S.A.
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Membru Gratuit din 2008
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Inform Lykos S.A. Inform Lykos S.A. 021 4084580 Sos. Odaii, Nr. 347-363, Sector 1, Bucuresti, Bucuresti
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Our business path has influenced the printing market progress in Greece and has been linked to the introduction of technological breakthroughs.

Operating with the identity of the trusted third party, the LYKOS Group operates in the fields of information management and processing in either paper or paperless forms.

It offers the Greek market solutions and services that are based on advanced technological platforms and aim at increasing the company's competitiveness, in combination with its client's growth.

It plays a leading role in Europe in integrating new methods, means and materials used in information spreading, thus contributing to the creation and development of the data management market, commonly called InforManagement.
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